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Pitfalls of Power is available to buy here

From humble beginnings in Cornwall, Percy Penislow barely makes it to Number 10. With enemies aplenty and a mistaken sexual and social identity, Percy embarks on a perilous journey, but will he survive it? 
Luckily for him, he has the support of good friends, his wife, with whom he shares a passionate relationship, the copper who protects him and his dangerously well-connected communications chief. They've all agreed his worst enemy is... himself.

So what if Trudi’s only just turned five? Somehow or other she always manages to get close to where she wants to be - the action. Too close for her own good, really, as she ends up getting kidnapped not once, but twice. Happily, because she’s as irresistible as she is resourceful, she either escapes from or wins round her captors – in the process saving the day for herself and everyone else.

"Peter Spencer ought to know about the comings and goings behind Downing Street’s famous black door. He was Sky News’ political correspondent for some years. He’s taken all that knowledge and written a very funny, satirical novel about two imaginary occupants and a political crisis that’s so absurd it could easily be true."

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